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Orchard Harvest LIS - Laboratory Information System

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Orchard® Harvest™ LIS is Windows-based and utilizes process automation; ICD-9 screening; robust instrument, billing, EMR, and reference lab interfaces; and rules-based technology to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase reimbursements. Some of the features are:

  • ICD-9 medical necessity screening
  • Rule-based decision support technology
  • EMR integration & reference lab interfaces
  • Harvest Webstation module for web-enabled order entry and result delivery
  • Microbiology module

Orchard Pathology - Diagnostic Information System

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Orchard® Pathology is an all-inclusive CP/AP system. Our comprehensive pathology information system is designed to meet the current and future trends in pathology and handle the complexities of clinical, molecular, cytology, and pathology testing and reporting.

  • Stand-alone AP system or an all-inclusive CP/AP system
  • Worksheet window simplifies case management
  • Structured data fields for data mining and EMR connectivity
  • Real-time processing through equipment integration
  • Result evaluation rules for reflex testing
  • Easy image management
  • Consolidated results on a single patient report
  • Full menu of management reports
  • Web-based access and EMR connectivity tools

Orchard Copia - Laboratory Outreach and Integration System

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Orchard® Copia®, used by laboratories and lab networks doing outreach, links multiple labs and enables web-based access and EMR integration for order entry and result delivery. The many benefits include:

  • EMR integration with client providers
  • Browser-based order entry and result delivery
  • Simplified connections via the web
  • Rule-based decision-making tools
  • Test-routing, -reflexing, & -coding engine
  • Client Services module

Don’t Pass on this Upgrade and Fall Behind
Upgrade to Harvest LIS 8.5!We encourage you to not let your Harvest LIS fall behind with upgrades. You will miss out on the advantages of the new features, and you also run the risk of not being current with upgrades incorporated for new regulatory issues. Finally, while upgrades are included at no cost with support, if you continue to pass on upgrades, it may cost you when the time comes for you to do so.  Not only may you need new hardware, but in order to bring your system up-to-date, it may require a site visit from an Orchard Systems Engineer, which is a cost not included for normal upgrades.

First Come, First Served
Request Upgrade NowRead 8.5 Release Notes Sign up now to receive Harvest LIS 8.5! Upgrades will be scheduled in the order received, so submit your upgrade request now. Full release notes for Harvest LIS 8.5 are available in our Download Center.