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RespoKare® Virax™ Anti Viral Masks

“Destroys 99.99% of coronavirus, measles, and 15 flu viruses within minutes.*"

“10,000 times more effective than an ordinary mask.†"

• The outer layer wicks potentially infected droplets from the surface to reduce chance of cross contamination if touched

• Designed to achieve especially low airflow resistance for easy breathing

• Constructed with soft materials for comfort

• 4 layers for maximal protection with highest ASTM level 3 fluid penetration resistance

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* Destroys 99.99% of human coronavirus 229E and measles virus within 1 minute, and 15 flu viruses within 5 minutes upon contact with the mask surface. Human coronavirus 229E is a recognized testing surrogate for SARS CoV 2 which is the cause of COVID 19.

†Laboratory tests show at least a 4 log reduction (99.99%) of coronavirus, measles and flu viruses upon contact with the mask sur face.